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Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages- 2018 

The best time to visit Kerala in low price. Kerala monsoon Starts at Jun and ends at Sept. 

Visit Kerala in Monsoon and get 30  % Off 

The Kerala Monsoon Destinations are Athirapally, unnar, Alleppey/ Kumarakom  Houseboat & Vagamon  

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

What is The best season to visit Kerala ?  - No doubt it is #Keralamonsoon season  

the period between two monsoons in Kerala. August and September are the best Months to visit Kerala. A clean atmosphere and the soil, the fresh new buds sprouting in plants etc are the attractions of Monsoon. The entire nature is on rejuvenation and looks young and greenish. All the dust and wastes are washed away by rain. The environment is not only refreshing to the body, but is also to the mind. It will bring out the new you!
The conventional best tourist season in Kerala starts from Nov to Feb. Christmas & New year are the most busy times in the entire world. The Europeans have winter season in Dec, so there is a great no of tourists travelling on December period. And hence it is known as the peak season.
Kerala is a popular tourist destination all over the world. Be it Monsoon, Winter or Summer, Kerala always have something to offer you. The main deciding factor about your travel should be an exact choice of tourist destination. This will help you determine when to visit Kerala. Even though, climate is not much of a factor that affects the trip when it comes to Kerala, it is always better to get things straight and that is where your choice of tourist destination matters.
Kerala Weather and Climate
Kerala  is a state which has a climate that anyone can easily cope upto. It is not extremely hot neither its  too cold. This climate contributes to the lush greenery of Kerala.  The Southwest Monsoon starts in the month of May in Kerala. Kovalam beach of Kerala is the place to visit when it comes to enjoying your trip in Kerala during Monsoon. It receives the first rainfall in Monsoon every year.
The Monsoon rain ease up by the end of July and it takes a break in the months of August and September.  The Northeast Monsoon triggers up the next bursts of rain during October, which is shorter when compared to the previous rainfall. This is usually observed until early Decemeber. When it comes to nature enthusiasts, there are few national parks in Kerala during Monsoon that are open. You can experience each and every bit of nature even in Monsoon. It has its unique style which is addictive.  If you are planning to travel during summer, the top Hill station Munnar will save the trouble of summer heat.
Ayurveda in Kerala

 Ayurveda has always been an interesting factor for tourists to choose Kerala as their travel destination. The best season for Ayurveda treatments in Kerala are Monsoon period. It makes the body receptive to the herbal therapy due to its cool, moist and refreshing environment leading to the opening of body pores. Exclusive Tripenticer Kerala Ayurveda Packages are always at your help with best discounts. Find out more at 
     Monsoon Discounts
Kerala trips are much cheaper during Monsoon period. It starts from May to September. Most of the hotels and homestays provide a good discount during this time (20-30%). This is an easy way to attract customers during this season and hence, cheap and affordable Kerala packages are at your choice during Monsoon. Tripenticer Holidays offer the best Monsoon Packages in Kerala, especially South India.
Festivals in Kerala

Festivals are known as the celebrations of life. The main highlight of visiting Kerala is experiencing its unique festivals. The most popular and important ones that occur during the Monsoon months are: Snake boat race and Onam festival.
Snake Boat race also known as Nehru Cup is at Alleppey on the second Saturday of August every year. Onam is the biggest festival of Kerala and it is a monsoon festival. The celebration lasts for almost two weeks. Check out Onam special packages from Tripenticer Holidays.

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Hurry up!! Special Monsoon offers on Kerala Packages  

As the monsoon season is about to begin in another 50 days, Kerala is all set to welcome Monsoon in its complete glory. Kerala, being the state in India to receive monsoon first has always been a favorite Monsoon travel and leisure destination for people all over the globe. With the introduction of Kerala Monsoon Tour packages, Monsoon Tourism in Kerala has come a long way. June, July, August, September & October are the Monsoon months in Kerala.  It is always a mesmerizing experience to enjoy Monsoon in Kerala. Monsoon gives Kerala a beauty that can never be compared.  The Greenish Kerala comes to a vibrant state with Monsoon reaching to the state. Kerala has always taken the advantage of Monsoon, making the state more green and beautiful.
Tripenticer, offers you customized Kerala Monsoon Tour Packages with a discount of 20-30%. Providing the fact that it is the best time of the year to receive an Ayurvedic treatment, Tripenticer Kerala Monsoon packages are affordable and cost-friendly. Monsoon in Kerala is different from other states as one cannot observe a continuous rainfall for weeks. It is seen in an alternative pattern of rain for few hours and later sunny atmosphere.  There are exceptional days when rain stretches from hours to days. But this does not prevent one from enjoying Kerala in Monsoon, because the sunshine is always near. Monsoon which comes after the long hot Summer is also a period of celebration for farmers, as it is their season of prosperity. Kerala brings out the magic of Monsoon in the most elegant way. But unfortunately, traveling during Monsoon is mostly avoided by the tourists. It is misunderstood to be less scenic and fun. Infact, it is the greatest season of the year where nature afresh itself and bring out everything new. It is the season of rainbows and raindrops which should never be missed 

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Thursday, 5 June 2014


      Kerala Monsoon Shoestring on Kerala Tour Packages                           

As Kerala entered Monsoon seasion, Monsoon Special  Tour packags have announced by Majoe tour Companies.  Monsoon packages are discounted Packages.  Monsoon tourism is getting mommentum in Kerala for the last 4 years. Kerala Tourism Department's promotional activities accelerated the spurt.Now  Monsoon Tourism is very becoming more and more popular

With the onset of Monsoon, Kerala is at the peak of its natural beauty. The present scenic beauty of Kerala astonishes every one, besides its vegetation propels the purest natural green. Its natural beauty drives in innumerable tourists to experience this indigenous climate and nature. Tripenticer Holidays offers the best services that any tourist would require in Kerala. Our packages are carefully designed to encompass all of Kerala’s Monsoon beauty while trying to offer the cheapest rates. To know more about Kerala Monsoon shoestring-  contact - 09961466495

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Kerala Monsoon 2005

2005 Monsoon likely to hit Kerala june 5 th
 Kerala is going to Monsoon season from any time now. The onset of southwest monsoon  over kerala started.According to IMD, The monsoon is expected to arrive in Kerala by June 5 . it can be varied four days before or after the set date.The arrivel of Monsoon over  Kerala heralds the arrival of monsoon in the country and represents the beginning of the rainy season over the Indian subcontinent. The normal monsoon date over Kerala is Jun1.Once it starts, it advances northwards and covers the entire country by July 15.

Conditions favourable for monsoon over Kerala: IMD
Neha Madaan,TNN | Jun 4, 2014, 01.34 AM IST

The India Meteorological Department has forecast that conditions are favourable for the onset of the southwest monsoon over Kerala and its further advance into some more parts of south Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Maldives-Comorin area, some parts of Tamil Nadu and the Bay of Bengal during the next 48 hours.  

Kerala monsoon shoestring – stunning monsoon shoestring on Kerala tour packages